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the holiday shopping season kicks off today online. will it be overshadowed by the giving verses getting? how shopping holidays keep
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changing. plus car makers trying to attract new drivers. lawmakers return to washington today with just 35 days until the "fiscal cliff" happens. and believe it or not, airlines are trying to keep queue on time. we'll explain now. first business starts now. you are watching first business. good morning, it is monday, november 26, i am bill, so, did you survive black friday and welcome to super mondays. the holiday shopping season is now if full swing. we are going to spend more the last few weeks of the year than last year. remember tomorrow is giving tuesday. consider what you might do. 35 days now for congress to
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solve that little impasse . this week they are going to try to make a deal. and is europe just buying greece? today finance minterred meet again to talk about releasing more billions your rows. and now tim, he is the managing partner, so, tim, the eu, they are met meting again today and it still looks like they need money to go to greece. how much are traders going be paying attention to this? >> well, i think it is going p quite a bit of attention because it is a critical issues. and after three years of rescuing it is not going to go
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away. but i would say that judging from the action in the greek bond market yields have fallen and traders expect some sort of deal. and i i think they are going come to an 11th hour agreement. as they usually do. based on the bond market action and in greece, it looks like traders to leaning towards a resolve. of the issue? >> there has to be some turn around? >> yes, there has to be a forgiveness or a non-payment of interest for a peer quad of time or even write down which is what germany really doesn't want. and they want the ecb to step in and buy some short term womens. so it is really it is a lot of
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technicalities and some sort of forgiveness involved in the situation. that is what they are really haggling over right now. >> okay, tim, have a great week. wedged between the words "fiscal cliff," another term we cannot get away from, cyber monday. for many it is a chance to shop online. ourit is still a consumer work in progress. in one day, usually in front of their computers at work, consumers will spend $1.5 billion shopping. >> i think we can expecting it to once again the be heaviest shopping someday. >> lately online shopping has taken a bigger slice of the pie each year. it is now about 10% of all re-commerce and it is getting
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higher. >> people are going to the store. they look and feel the item and then they immediately go onto their phones and check the prices and get the best deal. >> you can use a price comparison app to look for retailers that have the best prices and then there is also an ann, when you walk into the mall, you'll see deals in the mall. >> people tend to use their tablets in the later even hours. at night and reading and people are engaging in a lot of shopping. >> the catch is that everything you buy online has a trail, often to marketing companies that estimate the value of the information averages $1,200 per person. >> they are going to track you
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across multiple sights. what you clicked on, what you searched. >> and it is still far behind black friday which acould wants for more than $11 billion in sales but it is slipping. >> most of the media attention after thanksgiving has been foe does doesed on black friday and cyber morbid. but as people gear top give, this giving tuesday, charities are hope tag people will also be motivated to kansas a great need out there right now. the recession has been particularly hard on chartable organizations. more than 5,100 volunteers from all 50 states spent their thanksgiving volunteering in the northeast, still in recovery. the needs in the area are far
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from over. already the super-er storms effect are messing with the shopping season. retail net with tracks shopper traffic says that store visiting arrows are down 25% in the no, sir east. american employers are looking for people who are smart enough to operate in the tech knowledgely. there is a bill in the congress to reallocate green cards for foreign citizens with advanced education. it means fewer opportunities for countries will low rates for immigration. the november auto sales have been rising even despite damage
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caused by super storm sandy. overall, this year is hyped to be the best for auto sales. honda learned the hard way. they un-vailed a re-designed civic after last years was bland and not worthy of buying. on the flip side, this month gave the top award to the honda crv. hand the sales were boosted and the appeal involved connectivity. >> technology, there is a back up camera, pandora, blue tooth. these are all consumer thing that is people rally want. >> you know, the auto makers can spend as much as a billion dollars on a re-design.
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while owning a home will always the be american dream it is becoming more ill lieu civil 88% of us still agree, home ownership is important. but less than half think it is still attainable for middle income families. if you just survived the crush of humanity at the airport. but things are actually getting better. on time performance has improved significantly in recent years. this year 83% of flights took off within the scheduled time. now we do no have the a clear picture of the individual airlines performance. but it should give you some hope. sures in greece have left people and businesses there with little money to invest or save.
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city group is going to law off people. and other foreign banks and businesses have been cutting off jobs. but, hewlett packard and or companies have ramped up greek operations. this week the members are going meet to look at what credit an interest rate swaps must be gain feed. some think the market may move from london to chicago. they have to come up with rules to curb risks in the global market. apple is catching up with demand on its latest iphone. nearly two months after the release, shipping times have started to drop. the wait for the phone is now two weeks and before it was
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closer to a month. since the release apple has reportedly been struggling to meet demands. the kindle has been the number one e reader. we now have the five best selling backs in kin it wills five years. the top book is 50 shades of gray, the hungerer game and then the 50 shades follow up, 50 shades darker. the mayor of new jersey is going to be living on food stamps. he has accepted a challenge to live on food stamps for one week. the idea began on twitter after a person said they are $133 per person per month and that is $4.44 per day.
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here is your earnings calendar. coming up, for the owner of a business, you need to have a business plan and for job seekers what is your purpose in life? w
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all right, what is it that you are supposed to be doing in the world? millions of people are wrestling with this question. they ever getting work, they
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need something that is fulfilling. journey to you, a step by step guide to becoming who you were born to be, it is the number one self help book on amazon. how do you do that? >> yes, that is the question. what is that one thing that you were born to do and the idea here is let's take it done and break it down. number one, to have grant yourself the time and permission to understand who you are. now that is reading a book, going to a seminar. but you have to make that choice that where i am now is not where i want to end up. >> so that opening the door up--opens the door to find it. >> number two, get out of denial. they spend a lifetime just saying this is not who i am and they go with all of that in their mind. maybe it is fear, a lack of
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knowledge, money, whatever it is. they do not understand who they are. >> so embrace it and georgia with washington for it. >> and pursue it. and number three, you may have to go back to reconnect to what you love to do. maybe as a kid you loved to paint. maybe your mom's favorite color was white and you got yelled at and you buried so you may have to go back farther in your life. >> it takes work and it is it is up here. --and it is all up peer. writing a business plan? well drop the assumptions, what ever start up show needs to
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here. is that next on first business. !
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now i have interviewed a lot of business owners and most say to have a successful business you need a business plan. a kind of a check off list to make sure that you are following a road map. but is there something wrong with a business plan plan?
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howard tellman thinks so. so, why do businesses go wrong with their plan? >> well, i have to tell you that today if somebody says i'll sends you a business plan, we would answer send me an url because that is where the ball is move. >> no texts. >> right, show me something. >> number two, a flabby did i have in addition is as good as l day it was written but better than that. it can be a road map or a roadblock. and if you stick to the plan too long and think of it as written in concrete and are not flexible, it is not going to be work. >> and you probably have to rewrite it. >> yes, all the time. you may have a budget but your plan needs to let you adapt to changes. you need to make the circumstances not fit the plan. the plan needs to help you
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react to what is going on. but usually plan,s when people put the plans together. they are always short. they are always short in terms of revenue achievement, always takes twice as long costs, two or three times as much costs. and lastly, the investment is always a multiple of what you expect. you just forget a lot of the stuff. >> a lot of people do not realize that all of the variables are changing. >> no, you do font want to put the sgna. >> that is your sales costs and the general add min stray sieve ex-pensions. people do not like to load that in but it is there. and you need to make a provision. the other thing is today especially we think that
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technology in the short term is a game changer. not so much. >> howard tellman, thanks so much. next we are going drive dive in to look at what traders are expecting from congress' talks on taxes and spending. we'll be right back. wy 0a> c9?'epp$?
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matt is the man with cmz trading. what is going on this week between the two bickerers factions. what are you and traders in again looking for? >> well, i think it would be great if we knew that hay, we have a deal going forward. these are the terms. this is how it is going to affect the economy and we can start to look at that 6789 but you know, even though we had the nice press conference last week
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where everyone said hey,er going to work together. >> the market has not had a huge sell off. there have been some indication that is people are worried. >> well, i think that you have a few factors going on. you have to "fiscal cliff" and people are getting tired of the warnings but it is a real big deal. nobody quite knows what is going to happen. so you have got a push and pull and i will say through this whole thing, we have seen not a lot of panic, the puts are very cheap. so, i think that there is reason to be you know cautious on both sides. when we get more clarity, maybe we can move forward.
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>> are you thinking about avoiding any capital gains increases? >> yes, oh e yes. we talked about this from a trading style to be able to move. and then i think any of the winners that you have held onto for a long time, maybe a high dividend payer, i think we have seen it there. so yeah, good time to clean up your position and make take a little bit off the table and hopefully capitalize on some of this that if we do no get a deal it is you are going see it come. >> very good. and that is all for first business for monday morning. now tomorrow come back because we are going have run dun of what stocks are getting the healthy boost. do not miss it.
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